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Matt and Steph

Hello! You're on Plates of Style, and you might be reading some of our posts (hopefully) and wondering who we are and why we're putting you through this. We're a husband and wife team that have recently relocated to Dublin from London. We met while working together as fashion merchandisers in London, and combined have over 20 years experience in the retail industry. Last August, we took the plunge across the Irish Sea for pastures new (and an exciting work opportunity), as we were looking for a change in our routine filled lives. The move to Dublin has given us a new outlook on life, as being in a new city with one friend, one car and 150 boxes has inspired us to explore, meet new people, try new things, and share our experiences. We'll be focusing on some of our favourite things, restaurant reviews, cooking, travel, fashion and beauty. We might even get a bit sappy and write about our feelings from time to time, but we'll give you fair warning. 

We've created this website for anyone who shares our passions, anyone that has relocated to Dublin, anyone that is living in Dublin, or anyone that is visiting Dublin. If you love cooking, we've got you covered with some of our best concoctions. If you love fashion, beauty and shopping, we're going to be best friends. If you love travel, we'll have a focus on London (as we still spend a lot of time there), Europe, The USA and Asia. 

Here's a bit about us:



 I'm a South London boy born and bred, with my first love being football, second being food. As food is where my expertise lie, this is where I will focus my efforts. I'm going to bring a particular focus to the restaurant reviews, such as speed of service, speed of delivery and portion size - basically how quickly I can be fed. While I won't be involved in cooking or writing the recipes, as a big 6 foot 3'' guy, I will very much be involved in the tasting. 



I grew up on the other side of the world; born in Australia and growing up in Hong Kong I have a real mixed heritage, with a mix of Chinese, Portuguese, German, Swedish and English ancestry. Most of the blog posts about fashion and beauty will undoubtedly be by myself, and all recipes are either my family favourites or new recipes I've made up along the way. The style posts will expose my bag lady and shoe hoarding tendencies as well as my search of good outfits, avoiding the bad and ugly. I am a new beauty product fan, and have transferred my shopaholism to incessant skincare, makeup and haircare product purchasing!  I'll be filling you in on all new products and treatments I try so you can read all about it before taking the plunge. 

We hope you enjoy our blogging journey!

*All posts and recommendations are our own honest views and opinions. If you click on any links in our posts they are not affiliate links, and we do not make any money from them. Any restaurant or travel reviews aren't sponsored. 

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