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The cami: the unsung wardrobe hero

Without a doubt, a cami top is an wardrobe basic that isn't raved about enough. It's an item of clothing which can see you through 365 days of the year, something you can wear to work, wear on holiday, wear on a night out, or even on a casual weekend day out. It's one of the easiest pieces to dress up or down, and a suitcase essential for going away, especially if you've only got a carry on bag , you're going to want a top that can do double duty.

A cami and blazer is one of my absolute favourite go to outfits, and is the sort of thing I put on if I have no time to get ready, or am feeling a bit uninspired and need an easy option. It's also brilliant for those days when the weather can't make up its mind and you need the ultimate layered look. For me, because I wear a lot of black and plain colours, a cami can be the easiest way to inject some colour and print into my outfits. As I don't feel super confident in bright colours and prints, my favourite way to still incorporate this in my outfit is by wearing it via a cami, and having a plain colour blazer or jacket (usually black,navy) on.

However, I do love my black camis. It is the ultimate wardrobe hero, and without a doubt one of my most worn items. Year after year, I keep wearing my black camis, and have amassed a bit of a collection. To me, they are definite fashion investments, but you don't have to spend loads to find a good one. Below are my current favourite black camis, all from the high street and all linked and ready to shop. The scallop neck cami is my favourite, and is really flattering for bustier gals, where the square neck cami is more flattering on a smaller chest.

1. H&M Sleeveless Top £24.99/€27.99 , 2. Topshop Broderie Cami Top £24/ €32, 3. Topshop Square Neck Cami £14/ €20 , 4. Topshop Scallop Cami £16/ €20

Below are some of my favourite camis from the high street in all colours and prints., I'm loving the leopard print one, the cobalt, and the camis with button details.

1. H&M Button Down Cami £17.99/€19.99 2. Mango Ruffle Denim Top £17.99 /€17.95 3. New Look Leaf Cami £12.99/€14.99

4. River Island Tile Print Cami £22/€30 5. River Island Stripe Ruffle Cami £30/€40 6. Zara Grey Silky Cami £19.99/€19.95

7. Topshop Blue Button Cami £19/€26 8. ASOS Button Stripe Cami £20/€27.65 9. Topshop Blue Peplum Cami £14/€20

10. Topshop Mustard Scallop Cami £16/€20 11. Topshop Tie Detail Cami £16/€20 12. Topshop Leopard Cami £22/€29

13. ASOS Smock Stripe Cami £16/€22.12 14. Topshop Cobalt Scallop Cami £16/€20 15. Topshop Broderie Cami £24/€32

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