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dining in

Home cooking is something that I grew up with. From a young age I was constantly surrounded by people that could cook, from my Mum and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and cousins, we were always around the dining table or in the kitchen. Family life always involved getting together for a home cooked meal, and some of my fondest memories involve just that. In stark contrast, Matt didn't grow up with much home cooking, apart from at his Gran's where he was spoiled with Sunday dinners and chocolate cake. His love for food and gorging himself came from his Gran's cooking, and also from many family dinners eating out. 


Much of the cooking that I grew up with didn't involve cook books, and came more from instinct and gut feel. This is definitely something that I have continued with into adulthood, and I see cook books and recipes as inspiration, something to motivate me and get the creativity going. Matt on the other hand doesn't see cookbooks as anything other than a waste of money, as he has never used one, and delegates all cooking responsibilities to myself. This is probably for the best, as I'm not sure how well our stomachs would fare with him behind the stove!


Here you will find some of my most cherished recipes, recipes passed down from generations, and some of my own inventions. These are some of our favourite meals that we often have at home. Use them how you like; adapt them to your own tastes, substitute your own ingredients, follow them word for word, or like me, use the recipes for inspiration for your own creations. But most importantly, use them to enjoy food and enjoy being in the kitchen. 

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