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This Spring Trend Is Not Just For The Beach

Seashells are traditionally worn on your summer holidays, at beach destinations, with flowing linens and leather sandals. This season, seashells are not being subjected to sandy shores, but are being worn during the week, to work, out for dinner and drinks and to brunch on the weekend. This season, it's about wearing your shell jewellery with what you wear everyday. It can be worn with your jeans, t-shirt and blazer to give your basics a 2019 boost. It can be paired with with this seasons all beige trend, neon and tie dye, your cycling shorts, a printed midi dress, a boiler suit or even your utility shirt. Basically there are no rules, anything goes.

In the past seashell necklaces and shell printed clothing may have been something you bought as a child or teenager on holiday, you may have even had them attached to your braided hair! However in 2019, shells have taken on a new look with delicate cockle shells, tulip shells, colourful pukka shells, and mini cowries all represented in this seasons necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets. You'll find these shells in luxe gold settings, matched with pearls and paired with colourful resin.

However shells are not just being relegated to the jewellery department. 2019 spring is debuting seashells in shoes, bags, as embellishment on clothing and even in printed dresses, midis and blouses. I've fallen hard for this way shells are being shown, and find a freshness in this aesthetic that is elegant and classy with a touch of boho.

How to Style Your Shells

One of my favourite ways to style seashell jewellery is with your normal clothes. Okay I realise that sounds a bit strange, but essentially what I mean is to not style your outfit around your jewellery, but rather just wear whatever you usually do and instead of your usual simple, everyday, possibly minimalistic jewellery, throw on some shells instead. If you usually wear a gold medallion style necklace, instead opt for a gold chain necklace with drop shell pendants. Add a pukka shell bracelet and a pair of gold hoops and you're good to go.

A fab way of doing seashells is to strike a juxtaposition. For example a smart co-ord suit paired with shell jewellery screams business but on holiday. Or a leather shacket, or biker jacket with a white tee and ripped jeans matched with contrasting dainty gold shells and pearls. It shouldn't go, and it isn't your first instinct to pair this sort of jewellery with this sort of look, but for some reason it works.

Another look that has legs into the summer season is pairing seashells with white. It's not groundbreaking stuff, but an oversized white shirt, white jeans and sunglasses with touches of shell jewellery just looks good. While it is a fantastic look to rock when you're having your Tapas on hols in Spain, it's also a look to consider wearing back at home.

If you don't want to give up your favourite medallion necklace or initial pendant, you don't have to. Layer your shells with your existing jewellery. There is a fine line between wearing multiple gold chains and looking chic or like Ali G, so do keep it simple, and let your shells take the lead and have the other jewellery as backing singers. Don't be afraid to be bold on your ears, it's OK to match your shell necklace to your shell earrings. Work in some mother of pearl, actual peals, and some colour like coral or turquoise.

Don't forget, you can still match shells with florals, linens, stripes and the usual boho vibe. Earthy tones lend particularly well to the seashell aesthetic, but it also looks just as good paired with more urban looks. Logomania matched with chunky trainers may not seem like a natural match, but as mentioned before, the contrast of the two looks is what the shell jewellery trend is about.


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