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A Yellow Style Challenge

Needless to say, yellow is one of the colours of the season. It doesn't really matter what tone; whether it be mustard, ochre, canary, daffodil, lemon, banana or blonde (I could list yellow tones for hours), if its golden, then its a winner. When I saw that yellow was so huge this season I automatically grimaced, and let out a disappointed sigh. Being someone that leans towards darker shades, and if I had to do colour would immediately choose the blue family, yellow was so far out of my comfort zone. I don't think I've worn yellow since I was a little girl! However, being the brave risk taker that I am, I bought a few yellow pieces to trial and challenged myself to style the pieces into wearable non scary outfits.

In order to minimise the scary yellow factor, I knew I was going to have to pair it with my trusty basics, and use my neutral wardrobe to help. I was thinking pairing yellow skirts with plain black or white tees; yellow tops with denim jackets, jeans, and topping it off with a blazer. It doesn't really matter if the rest of the outfit is simple and plain, as your pop of yellow will do the talking. I also like the juxtaposition of having a girly floaty yellow dress or skirt paired with a leather jacket, just to add a bit of toughness to the look so I don't fall back into my 5 year old self in a pretty yellow dress.

If you're afraid of wearing yellow, but would like to give a nod to the trend, why not use it in your accessories? The easiest way to inject a little colour is by adding a yellow handbag or a pair of yellow shoes. There are quite a few options out there at the moment, and I have my eye on a yellow Bonsai Bag by Simon Miller, but i'm very aware that an expensive yellow bag may not be the wisest item to buy. Do we really think yellow will last in to autumn/winter? Or will it even be here next spring/summer? Who knows! White has lasted a few seasons, but then again, white is much more of neutral colour than yellow, and if you spend 500 quid on a yellow accessory that you use for a few months, it's highly likely that you'll grow to resent it come November!

Two of my favourite yellow buys this season have been a floaty floral skirt from H&M, and a floral Primark tie detail top which has some serious Self Portrait vibes.

I've matched the skirt with a denim jacket, black v neck tee, black cowboy boots and a rattan circle bag. For a bit of difference, I smartened up the look with a black blazer and a black leather handbag. Shop the look: H&M Skirt, H&M Tee, Topshop Bag, Mango Boots, Primark Denim Jacket

With the floral yellow tie top from Primark, I paired this with a blue jean jacket, black jeans and strappy black sandals. Again, you can easily swap the denim jacket for a black blazer for a smarter look. All items are from Primark, so go down to your nearest store to check out the goods!

I've had my eye on a few other yellow pieces that I've spotted online and in the shops. Scroll down for the links, listed from left to right, from the top row to the bottom.

1. Polka dot strappy sandals from Mango 2. Linen blazer from Mango 3. Tote bag from Zara

4. Bonsai Bag by Simon Miller 5. Embroidered Tulle Skirt from H&M 6. Bell Shaped Skirt from H&M

7. Mustard Tea Dress from New Look 8. Button Front Cardigan from New Look 9. Duster Jacket from Topshop

10. Slogan T-shirt from Zara 11. Racerback Halter Top from Zara 12. Button Through Cami from Topshop

13. Joice Woven Court Shoes from Topshop 14. Round Mini Bag from Zara 15. Button Front Sleeveless Shirt from River Island


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