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Blazers and Denim: Wearing it 7 days a week

If there is one outfit I reach for time and time again is the blazer and jeans combo. It's not rocket science; a blazer and pair of jeans is the bedrock of most capsule wardrobes. It's the two pieces you'll own which you can hand on heart say you wear with anything, anywhere. If you buy a blazer, it's a justifiable purchase as cost per wear ends up saving you money in the long run! You can style a blazer more ways than I can count on my hands, but my favourite few ways is with a pair of jeans - either distressed, clean for a more polished look, over a dress with rolled up sleeves, with a pair of trousers and trainers for a laid back weekend outfit.

Now that so dress codes at work are more relaxed, and denim is more acceptable, a blazer and denim is the perfect way to dress "smart casual". While almost any blazers would fit right in in a workplace environment, denim on the other hand can make people a bit more tentative. Jeans have always been seen as the epitome of "casual", and in the past, the only time you would see jeans worn in the work place would be on casual Friday. But as the world progresses, so have many stuffy office rules (apart from professions like bankers, lawyers, top execs, principals or mostly the finance sector - sorry guys!) and most places accept a far more relaxed look. If your workplace is still more traditional but has broken free from the suiting regime, try a solid denim, in a dark wash, either dark blue/navy or black. You can get away with a skinny leg, a straight or even a wide leg. Let's not forget about the white jean - it can really add elegance and sophistication to your outfit while still nodding to this seasons trend. It's probably best to pair your jeans with a ankle boot, or a heel, just to ensure the look is elevated from a truly casual feel to a smarter aesthetic.

While the choices for blazers are currently endless, there are some styles out there which you can see may not last more than 2 seasons, and if you are looking to buy something more long lasting, you may want to avoid these. The pastel suiting trend is all over the high street with Zara doing it particularly well, but come later this year, you may not want to wear your pastel yellow blazer with white buttons anymore, or like myself, it may be so far out of your comfort zone. However, what will be a timeless choice, that you can wear to work or on the weekends, or even to a special occasion is a black blazer. It might be the boring, obvious choice, but it is one that you will have unlimited use for, and you can dress up or down based on the accessories you pair with with.

I bought this black blazer from Mango a little while ago, and it really caught my eye because it was not just a plain black blazer. It has contrast white stitching and white buttons, which instantly gives your look a point of difference, and adds interest even if you are wearing all black underneath. I paired it with my favourite jeans, a distressed pair that I customised myself from Madewell. I've matched it with a plain black tee from Primark, my trusty square toe heels from Mango and my gold medallion necklace also from Mango. On my arm is my Bazar Balenciaga bag, which adds a pop of colour, but also ties in the pieces without being too matchy matchy.

Shop the look:

Mango Black Blazer €69.95

Madewell Jeans - €121.97 mine are old, and I customised them myself, but these are similar

Mango black heels €49.95

Balenciaga Bazar Bag €1290


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