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Going earring overboard this summer

None of my outfits are complete without a good pair of earrings. Ever since I got my ears pierced at a hairdressers in an Australian mall at the age of 4, earrings have always been my favourite way to accessorise. I've always found them to be a fantastic way to flatter your face, and to add interest to simple and at times possibly boring outfits. For example, you could be wearing all black: black crew neck tee, black jeans, black ankle boots and a black leather biker, then you throw on a pair of chunky gold hoops, and suddenly your outfit has game.

I must say, I have a penchant for gold jewellery, and wear it year round, but I absolutely love it in the summer. They say that some people either suit gold or silver jewellery depending on your skin tone, i.e. whether you're cool or warm tone. I have no idea what I am (despite trying multiple times to work it out), but I won't let it stand in the way of my obsession with gold jewellery.

That being said, when the sun is out, so is my colourful/louder earring collection, with its beads, tassels, tortoiseshell, wood, and embroidery. Again, my love for these earrings lie in their ability to perk up your basics. However, they are also perfect for creating a bit of a colour clash, adding interest and helping you to personalise your look.

This season, the shops have outdone themselves with their earring offer. Zara have gone big and in your face, and I kind of love it. Perhaps it's not suited to all (myself included), as their super long drop earrings have a tendency to touch my shoulders, they still have plenty of choice to go around. One of my absolute favourites are these turquoise beaded drop hoop earrings, guaranteed to add a punch of colour and interest to any outfit. They also come in fuchsia! Shells are also having a moment this Spring/Summer, with Mango offering some fantastic shell jewellery not only in earrings, but in bracelets and necklaces. If Mango's prices are a little pricey for a trend, New look also have some amazing shell pieces for a bargain. Cherries are also huge this season, and seems to be the fruit de jour, taking over from last years lemon trend. ASOS have some great cherry items online!

Here are some of my favourite earrings out there in the shop for you guys if you fancy updating your earring collection! All styles are labelled with prices and linked below so you can shop away! Scroll right to the bottom!

9. Zara palm trees €10, 10. Zara gold leaf €10, 11. Mango shell hoop €20, 12. ASOS beaded stripe €14


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