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Hair products I can't live without

Being a girl that's struggled with giving her fine flat hair life and volume for the past 20 years has led me to trying all sorts of products. It became somewhat of a mission, constantly seeking out volumising products to give my hair a root lift and add texture. I've definitely tried it all - from mousse, sprays, powders, lotions, shampoos and serums. If there is a new haircare brand, I've probably tried it. Whenever i'm abroad I make sure to scour the beauty stores, supermarkets, drug stores etc.. for new miracle volume makers and it's led me to Japanese brands, Chinese ones, to products from Oz. But the holy grail of hair care is found in the US where you could spend a week long holiday just visiting every Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Sally's, and my new NYC find Ricky's.

I used to be obsessed with only using volumising shampoo and conditioner, but found that it was quite drying on my balyage treated hair. I've now moved on and use a nourishing shampoo, but rely solely on after wash products to get a lift. So with years of self imposed research under my belt, I feel I've finally found 7 products that give me volume, shine, longevity and protection that always get the job done.

1. Bumble and Bumble BB Thickening Hairspray €28.80

I've been using this for 3 years, and I always go back to it. Sure there may be days when I try something new, but this is my ultimate favourite. It's super easy to use, spray liberally over damp hair focusing on the roots, and also on the lengths of hair. Then you blow dry your hair as normal. It gives a lasting lift, and I think that's down to the lightweight texture of the product. It doesn't leave a sticky residue, which I find a lot of mousses can do. B&B have got a updated product out called the Go Big Thickening Treatment which is packed full of vitamins and proteins helping to restore moisture and enhance shine.

2. TRESemme Biotin Repair 7 Primer Protection Spray €8.49

I don't use styling tools very often, mostly due to laziness, but when I do, I hate the idea of all that heat making contact with my delicate hair without any sort of protection. Relatively new to my hair regime, is this biotin primer spray from TRESemme, which protects your hair from 7 types of styling damage while adding shine and making styling more manageable. Being infused with Biotin, it helps to enrich your hair with vitamins and has been known to help thinning hair. Spray 5-7 times all over hair to ensure it's covered and well protected then style as usual.

3. Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Cream €4.23

I stumbled across this while browsing the aisles in Tesco, and it's one of those random supermarket purchases that is surprisingly good and I use most days. I found during the summer that my hair was looking really dull and lifeless. I was craving some shine and nourishment, but I was hesitant to dabble in oils as I can get quite oily hair anyway. What sold me on this product is that it's an oil cream that doesn't require washing out, yet does not feel greasy AT ALL on the hair. I use a penny size dollop rub it into my palms and run my fingers through dry hair. It makes split ends look better, and takes away that crunch that your hair can develop.

4. & Other Stories Fullness Texturizing Spray €15

THIS IS AMAZING. I fell hard for & Other Stories beauty products last year, and their volumizing range is nothing short of effective. It gives you a lived in textured look, while adding bounce and fullness. It reminds me a little of the Dry Bar Triple Sec (another one of my favourites), but without the heavy and sometimes overpowering scent. Other Stories texturing spray is the perfect finishing touch, and I always use it just before I leave the house. You can spray this on the roots and on the lengths, then use your fingers to scrunch up your hair and give it a little tousle.

5. IGK Hair 30,000 Feet Volume Powder €31

Flat lifeless hair everywhere needs this volume powder to spring it to life. It's perfect when you need that texture and lift in your roots, and to give your hair that un-kept cool bed head look. It's a weightless powder which you can also you to help maintain styled hair while also giving you volume from roots to ends. A little goes a long way with this product, so one pump is usually enough to create whatever look you're going for. A bonus is that it's vegan friendly, gluten friendly and free from sulphates while giving you UV protection.

6. VERB Dry Shampoo Powder €14

I find dry shampoo in powder form to be the best way to get rid of unwanted greasiness and extend the days between hair washes. I've tried a few others, with Bumble and Bumble Pret a Powder being good as well (and available to purchase in Ireland and the UK), but my ultimate is the VERB dry shampoo. It leaves your hair softer and not as dry as the Bumble and Bumble one. My favourite way to use this is by sprinkling the powder on my roots especially the crown (which has the most contact with your pillow) before I go to bed so any grease that develops while sleeping is quickly absorbed by the powder. Bonus is, after using once, I don't need to apply the following evening as the product still does its job and keeps me grease free. VERB dry shampoo comes with a nozzle, which is super useful when targeting specific areas and preventing you from using too much product. Importantly, it doesn't leave you with a white residue as it disappears in your hair, gives you gentle volume, and contains no sulphates, parabens, phthalates and is vegan friendly and gluten free.

*Unfortunately you can't purchase this in Ireland or the UK, so make sure you stock up when Stateside or place on online order with Sephora.

7. TRESemme Biotin Repair 7 Instant Recovery Mask €7.99

This recovery mask is a cheap and cheerful way to repair dry and damaged hair. It works well when used once a week giving your hair shine, strength and silkiness. The product restores broken bonds caused by hair damage and penetrates the hair fibre. It's my go to hair mask as it's perfect for a quick fix - you just leave it in your hair for 3-5 minuets, then wash out and shampoo and condition as usual. It's great if you tend to be a little lazy with your hair, but feel it needs that extra conditioning. I found mine in Tesco, but you can pick it up at most big supermarkets and of course Boots.


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