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My Childhood Favourite: Potato Skins Recipe

When I was a little kid, my favourite treat meal was going to a classic American style restaurant. In Hong Kong, that meant visiting Hard Rock Cafe, Ruby Tuesdays, TGI Fridays, Planet Hollywood and Dan Ryans (ahh... the 90's dream). Without fail, I would pester my parents to order potato skins and chicken strips as a starter, and a rack of baby back BBQ ribs for mains. Fast forward a couple of decades (no need to be specific), this is still my go to order. However, the potato skins just don't seem to be up to scratch these days, and I found myself having to recreate these babies at home in order to fulfil my cravings. And thank god I did, because these potato skins are another level good, and not only will they impress your guests, most importantly, it will impress you.


1 pack of streaky bacon rashers

1 bunch of spring onions (scallions)

200g cheddar cheese

8 medium sized potatoes

Olive oil

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Sour cream on the side for dipping (optional)


Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Wash and scrub the potatoes with water, then dry. Prick holes all over the potatoes with a fork and rub all over with olive oil, salt and pepper. Place in oven for 45 mins - 1 hour, until cooked and crisp.

Remove from oven, and slice the potatoes into quarters. Be careful though, as the potatoes will be piping hot, so you might want to wait for them to cool slightly. Scoop out most of filling with a spoon (you can save this in a bowl to use in another recipe like potato soup, mash potatoes), place the potato skins on a baking tray, and using a cooking brush, brush a little olive oil on to the fleshy side of the potatoes. Put this back in the oven for about 5 mins to crisp it up. Take them out, and flip the potato skins over and brush a little olive oil onto the skin side of the potato, and place in the oven again for about 5 mins to crisp up the skin.

While the potatoes are in the oven, slice the bacon into fine strips so they are about 1 inch in length. Heat a pan with a little olive oil and fry the bacon. Next grate the cheese and chop the spring onions.

Take the potatoes out when ready, and flip them back so the flesh side is up. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, then sprinkle the cheese on top each potato skin. Sprinkle the bacon on top of each potato skin and place the tray back in the oven. Cook for 5 mins, remove from the oven, and sprinkle with spring onions. Place back in the oven for 3 more minutes. Its up to you how long you leave the potatoes in the oven for, you can always leave it for a few more mins to make it crispier, just be careful not to burn them!

Serve the skins with some sour cream for dipping on the side!


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