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The Button Detail

I don't know about you, but I've developed an increasing obsession with buttons. Buttons on dresses, tops, camis, blazers, skirts, you name it, I want it. There are buttons on everything this season, with the style of buttons varying from horn, contrast, white, and nautical to name a few. However, the buttons that have truly stolen my heart are the horn/tortoiseshell buttons. To me, they are the ultimate detail to signal warmer weather. It's such a simple way to update your wardrobe, to add a bit of chicness, to stay on trend without going head to toe, and to inject newness without spending a fortune. One of the best things is that almost all the high street shops have bought into this trend, with everyone from New Look to Marks and Spencer taking it on.

One of the most inexpensive ways of doing the trend is by wearing a button front cami. I bought mine from New Look for a bargain at €14.99 and paired it with my style staples of a blazer and jeans. When the weather becomes more consistent and stays above 20 degrees, you can easily pair your cami with shorts, a denim skirt, sandals or espadrilles. It's one of those pieces that forms the basis of your wardrobe, allowing you to style around it.

Shop the look:

Button Blazer from New Look €14.99

Jeans from Primark €11.00

Blazer old Topshop but alternative here €68.00

Shoes H&M €27.99

Bag Chloe Nile €1,450


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