Why I always go back to H&M

(What i'm wearing from H&M: snake print skirt €14.99 , rust colour scarf -bought in store, green v neck jumper €19.99 )

Every year without fail there is always one item I get from H&M. I've been buying this for over 10 years - no joke - from the same store. What is it you ask with baited breath? Why it's their simple, plain fine knit jumpers. Every year H&M create the best jumpers on the high street with their array of colours, from basic neutrals to on trend hues. This year they brought out the browns, rusts, creams and not to mention the yellows, greens and blues. There is truly something for everyone, and it's the best way to try out a colour trend, or incorporate a key colour in your wardrobe. With their fine knit crew neck jumper (in a slightly oversized shape) coming in at under €20, it's a super affordable way to refresh your style and keep warm. This year, I picked up a handful of these bad boys to pair with jeans and the ever popular midi skirt. It's my fail safe fashion staple in winter as you can dress it up with a bit of jewellery, or chuck on a pair of trainers and you've got yourself a classic weekend look. I've gone for chocolate brown, beige marl, winter white, and my newest addition pistachio green in the crew neck style. Being partial to a V neck, I also purchased a mint green and camel jumper to round up the collection.

Other H&M jumper faves is their Merino wool collection. I have a trusty black V neck which I've worn to death for 2 years, and it's still in great condition. For under €40, it's my pick for a more luxury feel knit, without splurging on cashmere which I can't seem to ever find the money to spend on. On the other end of the spectrum, a cheaper crew neck option is their viscose blend jumper which comes in 5 colours for under €10. I've got this in black and blue, and find it is the perfect length to match with a midi skirt.

Speaking of midi's, one of my faves of the season is a €14.99 snakeskin print slip style from H&M. It is super flattering, looks great with a jumper or tee, can be worn through out the year, and did I mention its a bloody bargain? They've got a few other styles with chain, scarf, tiger and leopard prints as well as pleats and wool ribbed skirts.