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Review: Bujo Burger, Dublin

Updated: Apr 18, 2018

What Steph thinks:

What is it about Dublin and its knack for churning out some of the best burger joints around? When I had my first Bunsen many moons ago, I had pledged my allegiance to their burgers, and truly believed that there was no need to venture anywhere else. Now looking back, I'm cringing at my naivety, and how small my burger world was. We were out on a sun filled Saturday strolling around Sandymount, when we walked past Bujo Burgers. It was an unintentional find, but the smell emanating from the joint was too delectable to pass up, so we ventured in. The decor is nice, with a blue, white and wooden theme, transporting you to a burger shack in a seaside town. It's counter service, so we rocked up and ordered 2 bacon cheeseburgers (they also do vegan burgers for those interested), customised with whatever toppings we desired, ordered a side of fries with rosemary seasoning, and plain fries.

The first thing I thought when I had my first burger bite? This is bloody good. I mean, it's tasty. Really really tasty. It's super fresh, the meat is cooked perfectly, and the bun doesn't disintegrate in your hands leaving looking like a hot mess and wondering how on earth you'll finish eating your burger. It is however, very big. It has a double patty, and with the cheese, onions, and bacon stacked on top, it packs a punch, and there is definitely no way of looking graceful/sexy/beautiful when you're chowing down on it. I would not recommend going on a first date! It's a little greasy, but then again, you are eating a double bacon cheeseburger so an appropriate level of grease is to be expected. For those that have more restraint, or are less greedy, Bujo have recently updated their menu so not only can you choose your toppings, you can choose whether to have a single or double patty.

The second thing I tasted were the rosemary fries. These crinkle cut potato wonders are just a delightful and delicious as you hope they would be. The rosemary seasoning gives it that added difference, and is terribly moorish, meaning you'll be left finishing every last fry even though your brain is screaming "no more food!". Having sung the praises of the rosemary fries, I have nothing against the plain fries Matt ordered, they are super tasty, and with a little sea salt, they give the rosemary fries a run for their money.

If you want to go for the full burger joint experience, Bujo Burgers also has a stellar list of milkshakes on their menu, and have been known to do collaborations with Aungier Danger doughnuts to create some out of this world milkshake concoctions.

So what's this outing going to cost you? The burgers start at €8 for a plain, €9.50 for the bacon cheese, and vegan burgers for €8.50. Fries are a must, but the portions are generous so you could share between the two, they will set you back €3.50. If you're splashing out and getting a milkshake, they're €4.50; soft drinks and cordials are €3 or under. If you fancy an alcoholic drink, Bujo have got your back with those too starting at €5.80.

If you've read any of the above, you're probably going to know my verdict. It's a yes from me! Next time you are craving a burger and fancy getting out of the centre of town, visit Bujo Burgers and see what the fuss is all about.

What Matt thinks:

I can keep this review quite simple. Hung over Bunsen. That is how I would describe Bujo Burger. It has a very similar feel to Bunsen which we have already reviewed and loved. The menu is small and simple, if you don't like Burgers don't bother coming here.

Why is it a hung over Bunsen you ask? When I say "you", I obviously mean, the three people that have read this post which also include my mum and dad... Leaving the self -depreciation behind, Bujo is the hung over Bunsen as it's a bit greasier and bigger, perfect to help soak up all that good alcohol. With Bunsen, it always feels the perfect size, you don't leave feeling too full, and you walk out that door feeling satisfied, mainly because you don't feel like that over stuffed goober that is about to fall into a food coma. Not that Bujo burger sends you into a coma, not at all. It just leaves you feeling really full. But then again, we got a side of fries each, which again is a huge portion, so perhaps, get one side of fries to share between two. Oh yeah, and there is the option for a single patty as well! Having said that, the big meal didn't stop me from getting a dairy milk afterwards... anyone else need a chocolate fix after a big meal?

Don't let me fool you into thinking this is a problem, or even a negative. There is definitely a place for Bujo Burger in my heart and in the world. It's perfect for Saturday or Sunday lunch, right after a big night out. The food is really delicious, and the type of grease that your body occasionally craves. Would I go there all the time? Probably not, but I would definitely go back again soon.


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