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Review: Mad Egg, Dublin

What Steph thinks:

So let's clear up something up, Mad Egg is not a restaurant that specialises in Eggs. I spent two weeks driving past the restaurant on Charlotte Way thinking it was only going to serve eggs, and feeling unnecessarily upset that I would be missing out due to my irrational dislike of eggs. Mad Egg is a restaurant that serves all things chicken, with chicken burgers and chicken tenders being the main event. The decor is simple with tiled walls, exposed ceilings, big floor to ceiling windows that lets the light shine in. The tables are wooden with metal legs that match the metal bistro chairs. The service is friendly and efficient, and the food comes out nice and quick, but not so quick that you feel like you're rushed out the door.

But let's talk about the important stuff. The food. The menu is super simple, and is essentially made up of chicken burgers, chicken tenders and side dishes. The burgers are built on a foundation of fried buttermilk chicken, and have different sauces and toppings which range from fancy mayo, hot sauce, honey and bacon, buffalo and ranch, and chilli cheese. If you're a veggie, they've got your back with a veggie fritter option. No matter what flavour you opt for, it's a flat price of €9.95. There are three options when it comes to the tenders - you've got sticky, which has a bourbon glaze, jalapenos and salsa, then cheesy which is obviously cheese and hot sauce, then raunchy which is a buffalo and ranch sauce. All tenders are priced at €7.95. The sides are succinct but spot on, with some salad, corn, coleslaw, but more importantly mac and cheese and the pièce de résistance, the chicken salt fries. Having spent numerous summers in Australia visiting my Ozzie family, chicken salt was the granules that came from God, liberally sprinkled over fries, chips, wedges, and any other crispy potato snack you can imagine. To find chicken salt fries here was amazing, and thank you Mad Egg for bringing them into my life!

We also ordered the original chicken burger, the sticky tenders and the mac and cheese, and all were fabulous. The chicken burger was one of my favourites, and was a really great size, with a good bun that didn't break easily or get too soaked up by the delicious dollop of lemon and herb mayo. The tenders could have done with 1 more strip, as 4 felt perhaps a little... well little. But for the price, you can forgive Mad Egg. The mac and cheese came with bacon, and was a tasty side dish. It wasn't too gooey or cheesy which can often leave you feeling a bit sick afterwards.

The verdict:

Should you go there? Yeah why not, you should definitely try it out. It's tasty, simple, and does what it says on the tin. It's not trying to be something it's not, and it's not going to break the bank. It's conveniently located near the Harcourt Luas stop, and is just round the corner from the always busy Camden Street. Just be careful what time you go - they have slightly funny opening hours; they don't open till 3pm on Saturday, and are closed all Sunday.

Ps. they do desserts, so that's another reason to go, but trust me the chicken is good enough reason.

What Matt thinks:

When my wife suggested going to Mad Egg, I thought she must’ve gone mad as she’s hated eggs for as long as I’ve known her! But surprise surprise, Mad Egg is a chicken restaurant, so life was good.

Now let’s get to the important part: the chicken. Let’s quote their website “We take our chicken seriously….The end result is the best damn chicken you have ever tasted” - I will be the judge of that!!!! Food wise we ordered a burger (The Original), Sticky Chicken Tenders and two sides which were the chicken salt fries and mac n cheese. I have to say all the food was very good, and served quickly by efficient and friendly staff. The burger was top notch, and very big. Well worth the €9.95 price tag. The tenders were tasty, but as I am admittedly fat and greedy, I was slightly disappointed there were only 4 pieces. However at €7.95, you can’t complain, especially compared to some of the other prices you find when eating out in Dublin. The sides were tasty and a good size, what we ordered was definitely enough for 2 people sharing, and we left feeling comfortably full.

Was it the best chicken I have ever tasted? It’s definitely up there, but I’m not going to lie, the best chicken I’ve ever had was when I was blind drunk, but then my own arm would have probably tasted just as good. On that note, I saw a table of 6 big guys enter, and I thought this would be a great place to go with your mates, the beer menu is pretty good too with over 10 different beers on offer. We didn’t have anything alcoholic on our visit though, just a couple soft drinks.

The verdict:

Would I recommend it to you guys? Yeah, it was extremely good, and the best part is it was extremely good value. In fact, I would say this is the chicken equivalent of beefy Bunsen, which we have also reviewed and highly rated. Check out that review if you hate chicken but love beef (what sort of monster hates chicken and loves beef is beyond me, but there’s always one!). I would definitely come back here… just wish they were open all weekend.

Steph Rating 4 stars

Matt Rating 4 stars

Price for 2 €32 without alcoholic drinks

Gluten free is available here


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