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Review: Featherblade Dublin, where steak is the only option

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

What Steph thinks:

Featherblade is a no fuss restaurant that has a firm focus on steak and fresh finds. When we say no fuss, we mean the menu is slimline with 2 starter choices, an option to have your own steak or share a rump barrel between two, and a handful of side dishes. The restaurant decor is also no fuss with a minimal aesthetic, and a black colour scheme but avoids the dreaded too dark situation where you have to use your phone light to read the menu. The service is friendly and helpful, never over the top, which is perfect if you can't stand overbearing servers and over friendly hosts where you awkwardly struggle to make conversation.

We skipped the starters, as we were there solely for the steak feast. As mentioned above, there are 2 options: a 9 oz featherblade steak for 13 Euros, or an 18 oz rump barrel with rosemary and garlic for 35 Euros. Being slightly obsessed with garlic, we went for the 18 oz to share, and ordered a side of beef dripping chips, truffle mac and cheese, charred broccoli, and whiskey peppercorn sauce. It arrived nice and fast, and all the food looked amazing. The steak was cooked to perfection - medium just like we asked for. The meat was flavoursome and tender, and the garlic and rosemary was sauce like, and was a tasty addition to the meat. The sides were equally delicious, with the truffle mac and cheese my favourite as it was not overly cheesy and gooey, which it often can be at restaurants, making the side way too heavy. The charred broccoli had garlic chips and chili flakes, and was cooked to a good crunch level. Beef dripping chips

is always a good idea, and these did not disappoint. The whiskey peppercorn, was good, but not necessary if you order the steak with the garlic and rosemary. The serving size was perfect, as we left feeling full, but not to the point where you have to undo your jeans button in order to breathe. We skipped on desserts, to be honest nothing really took our fancy. I'm more of a simple desserts kinda gal, and not adventurous enough to try the chocolate matcha slice. Drinks wise, I had a non alcoholic cocktail and Matt had a beer, both good, and both pretty standard.

The bill came to a reasonable 57 Euros, which for a Saturday night out isn't too bad. However, we didn't have starters, dessert or both have alcoholic drinks, so the bill could creep up if you add all those extras. Would I go back? Yep, for sure. The steak was really good, in fact, i'm salivating at the thought of sinking my teeth into that juicy rump...

What Matt thinks:

Having lived in Ireland for nearly 7 months, Steak is one of my most favourite things about the country. It is cheaper than in the UK and it generally tastes a lot better. Featherblade is a steak restaurant, situated on Dawson Street in central Dublin. The restaurant is quite small, but you are not packed in, which is a pet hate of mine. The menu is very small, if you don’t like steak, go home or go somewhere else. We skipped the starters and went straight for the main course, sharing a rump barrel and 3 sides. The service was efficient, and friendly. The food arrived very quickly, and looked the part. The steak was cooked to perfection, we had it medium. The sides we went for were the chips, mac & cheese and broccoli. All the sides were nice, my favourite was probably the mac & cheese. Let's talk

about portion sizes which is incredibly important when you are as big as I am. The 18 oz steak was just about big enough, but bear in mind, Steph does not eat anywhere near as much as me. If you're there with your mates, you may want to get your own steak. Don't over order on the sides, as they are a fair size. Without doubt the food was good, the price was OK for Dublin standards. Including a couple of drinks (one alcoholic and one non alcoholic) the bill came to 57 euros for 2 people. If you start adding in starters, desserts & service it could obviously develop into an expensive night out. However I have to say the food was great, the service was good so I would definitely recommend this place, and we will be going back.

Steph Rating 4 stars

Matt Rating 4 stars

Price for 2 57 EUR (including tip)


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