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Bunsen Dublin: Beef, potatoes, milkshakes. Simple.

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Delving into our love affair with Ireland's no fuss, affordable burger joint. As always, a review from both the Mr and Mrs.

What Steph thinks:

Being relatively new to Dublin, we were on a quest to find an affordable place to eat for those occasions where your debit card has seen better days, and its been a long wait for the next pay day. Without stooping to the price bracket of a McDonalds or Tesco meal deal, we were looking for a fun and easy place for date night that didn't make you feel like a penny pinching bore. Like a shining beacon Bunsen presented itself to us.

Lets talk décor and ambience. Yes, its basic and yes its simple, but there is an undoubted air of cool without the often uncomfortable and pretentious vibe that a young stripped back warehouse like restaurant can provide. It helps that the staff that we've encountered on the numerous visits have been nothing but pleasant and sweet. Another positive are the loos. Always an important one for me, as the cleanliness of the loos to me reflects their attitude towards health and hygiene. The loos are unisex, which can case some unwanted awkwardness, as a poor man experienced on my last visit (he saw me washing my hands as he walked in to the toilet, and took a step back, and checked what it said on the front door, asked me if he was in the wrong place, and we made obligatory awkward small talk for 10 seconds). Apart from that, I can report that the toilets were indeed clean and well maintained.

Now the meaty part. Literally. The menu is simple. Admittedly it put me off at first, but do not let that put you off because there is a very good reason for it. They offer 4 burger choices: hamburger, double hamburger, cheeseburger, double cheeseburger (prices start at 6.95 EUR to 9.45 EUR). You can choose what toppings to have (pickle, onion, lettuce, tomato, ketchup, mayo and mustard) at no extra cost - hell you can have them all. My go to choice is the cheeseburger, cooked medium with just onions and ketchup and what a choice it is. It is the perfect burger size, the patty seasoned brilliantly and deliciously juicy without being greasy. Not too juicy however, as there is nothing worse than the constant battle of grease and burger juice dripping down your sleeve or down your chin. The single patty cheeseburger leaves you looking respectable after the meal without feeling like you could have lock jaw. My husband Matt however had to learn the hard way. Once upon a time he ordered a double cheeseburger, admittedly I was very jealous, that is until he struggled to fit it in his mouth, had it fall apart in his hands, and ended up with burger stains on his top. It was lucky he was sat facing the wall.

“ Not too juicy however, as there is nothing worse than the constant battle of grease and burger juice dripping down your sleeve or down your chin.”

The simplicity doesn't stop there. There are 3 types of fries: hand cut, shoestring and sweet potato (prices from 2.95 EUR). We have greedily tried them all. I cannot fault any of them. Never greasy, and never stingy which is so important. The shoestring fries are a personal favourite, being consistently crunchy and crisp, and because they are in nature thinner than the hand cut, it stupidly feels like you are getting more!

Drinks are probably the most expansive part of the menu, with your usual sodas and alcohol options available. But lets get straight to the milkshakes. I am a milkshake lover, and despite a lactose intolerance, I risk my health every time I'm at Bunsen for their chocolate milkshake. It is the best - enough said.

Only caveat - you may have to wait for a table if you go after 7, but leave your name and number with the friendly servers and they will give you a text when your table is ready. Perfect excuse to go to the pub for a drink, or stand in the rain outside willing every table of two to get the bill.

ps. collection is available as well as gluten free and paleo options.

What Matt thinks:

Let’s be honest Dublin is not a cheap city to live or eat in, especially when you pay the bills. So I say THANK GOD FOR BUNSEN. A great burger at a great price. 25 euro here will see the two of you have a nice meal out. The menu is simple, which is great for guys. Nothing more annoying than waiting for someone to make up their mind about they want. Here you can have a beef burger or go home. The sides are chips, chips or more chips. Went for the double burger once, and it was actually too big… so I would stick to the regular size burger and a side of skinny fries. The chocolate milkshakes aren’t bad either. The only downside is it gets very busy, you might be waiting a while for a table, and then a further wait for the food. However its highly recommended by me.

Mrs Rating 5 stars

Mr Rating 4.5 stars

Price for 2 25 EUR (no alcoholic drinks)


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